4 Great Workflow and Data Automation Tools

Here at TaskPipes, we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and look to automate the more repetitive aspects of work.

That’s why we wanted to highlight 4 of our favourite workflow automation tools.


We spend a lot of time in email. One of the most useful tools we’ve come across is Streak. They describe themselves as “CRM in your inbox” and are a Chrome extension that extends a lot of the functionality of Gmail.

A couple of their features that I find most useful are shortcuts and reminders. You can program shortcuts such that whenever you type e.g. “lookfwd” – it autocompletes to “I look forward to hearing from you.”, much like you can do in iOS. You can also set a reminder to follow up on an email, which sends you a follow up message at the date and time of your choosing.


We’ve built TaskPipes to automate regular data processing tasks, where the incoming data is not always in the required format. Whether that’s receiving regular emails, extracting and cleaning data from the body of the email to send to an API; or pulling the appropriate data from a PDF file to clean and load into your CRM tool, TaskPipes has your back.

We’ve worked hard to make a lot of the complex data wrangling (that you probably have to do on a regular basis in Microsoft Excel) really easy through our user interface. You just define the process once, connect it to the desire endpoint, and data can flow through your pipe whenever you have a new data set.


We love Zapier at TaskPipes. Zapier allows you to connect your different apps together. So whenever you get e.g. a signup on your site, you can e.g. add a To-Do item on your Trello board. They’ve provided all the API integrations which makes it super easy to deal with.

And what is even better, once you’ve processed and manipulated your data in TaskPipes, you can send it straight to Zapier to load it into any of the 500+ applications they are connecting with. That TaskPipes to CRM example I referred to earlier? That was via Zapier.


Blockspring, like Zapier, allows you to pull data from a range of different applications. Their core feature though? They let you pull data from these apps directly into your Google Spreadsheet or Excel file via their Chrome extension or plugin. Analysts now have access to API data!

4 Great Workflow and Data Automation Tools

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